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Mission Statement

January 21, 2012

This blog is my way of coming to terms with modern technology. Two weeks ago, I came home to America after two years in Mozambique, Africa. In that time, web tools such as Twitter, and technologies such as e-readers and tablets, have exploded in use and popularity. In a knowledge-based economy, I am scrambling to understand these and other technologies.

But with technological innovation comes a price. Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, make it easier than ever to communicate with the people we love. However, each has had an impact on the social fabric of our society and on the way that we interact with one another. I want to use this blog to explore these and other effects of modern technology.

Understand that while I’m something of a Luddite, I am also genuinely fascinated by the world that we are creating. In other words, I want to be an objective cultural commentator, not simply someone who reacts negatively to every news article and every new technological advance.

This then is my mission statement: I promise to approach every new technology objectively and positively.

In a negative media environment that feels more and more like a cultural black hole, sucking into itself all life, intelligent thought, and optimism, this blog will be a refuge.

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  1. Luka permalink
    January 28, 2012 11:39 AM

    I found your blog and will be checking in from time to time as I also strive to reconnect with the world of technology, wrestle with my own Luddite tendencies, and in general try to emerge in a dignified way from two years of immersion in pre-technology society in rural Africa.

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