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Twitter, the Super Bowl, and the Ubiquity of Technology

February 7, 2012

We cannot escape technology. This isn’t news, but now there’s proof. Not only did Sunday’s Super Bowl set two new records for tweeting, but it also demonstrated the impact that tablets have had on the technological environment.

The numbers:

After the Giants’ victory: 12,233 tweets per second (tps)

Madonna’s half-time show: 10,245 tps

That is astonishing. Remember, that’s the number of tweets per second. Amazingly, these two statistics only come second and third in Twitter’s history. The airing of a Japanese anime, The Castle in the Sky, is first with an unreal 25,088 tps!

What do these statistics tell us? First, they confirm what I wrote here. Twitter has exploded in popularity and as a social media platform it is here to stay. Second, they suggest that tablets now make such connectedness easier than ever. Check out these statistics:

– Non-computer Internet traffic was recorded at 6.8% in August of last year.

– According to Nielsen, 70% of iPad use occurs in front of a television!

(All statistics courtesy of International Business Times).

Instead of liberating us from computers and the home, it seems that iPads and tablets have only made it easier to combine two things that Americans love: television and social media. The image of a woman using her tablet in a cafe, something I experienced yesterday, appears to be the exception and not the rule.

Technology is now inescapable. But what’s fascinating is that, rather than rebelling against this, the vast majority of Americans celebrate it. Universal connectedness is the goal. But what exactly is it that we’re connected to?


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