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A Walk Through the Mall

March 10, 2012

Things I learned on a stroll through the mall:

  • People treat a real marketplace like a digital marketplace.
  • The younger a person is, the more tuned out she is. She declines to interact with the environment around her.
  • People aren’t talking on their phones; they’re texting.
  • Phones aren’t in people’s pockets. They carry them in their hands at all times.1
  • Young people keep their headphones in their ears even when they are indoors at the mall.
I ought to note that this was just a five minute pass through the mall. If you doubt what I’ve written, go to your local mall and take a look around you. Watch how shoppers are interacting with their environment and with each other. You’ll be surprised by what you see.

1 I once had a dream set in a seaside tourist town in Mozambique. Crime had become such a problem in this dream-town that the citizens carried their valuables in their hands. It would have been too dangerous to carry in their pockets; any hesitation to surrender their valuables could result in murder.

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