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The Letter Writing Project

What is The Letter Writing Project? The aim of the project is “to generate a discussion about the things that we value, how we value them, and most importantly, why we value them. These are things like time, the tangible, friendship, snail mail, etc.” You can read more about my outline for the project in the original post here. Since then, I have drawn some early conclusions. I’ve learned first and foremost that letter writing is hard.

Statistics to date

  • 34 letters sent
  • 13 replies received
  • 4 replies were sent by U.S. mail
  • 9 replies were scanned or photographed and sent by e-mail
  • 12 letters were sent to women
  • 22 letters were sent to men
  • 11 replies are from men
  • replies are from women
  • letters were sent to international addresses
  • The average response time is 18.46 days (after the initial letter was sent)
  • 1 anonymous letter received (my letter was sent to the wrong address)

You can read the replies I’ve received thus far. Below you’ll find them organized in the order I received them.

Response 1

Response 2

Response 3

Response 4

Response 5

Response 6

Response 7

Response 8

Response 9

Response 10

Response 11

Response 12

Response 13

Response 14


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